About Real Estate Business in Turkey

In the following article you will be able to gain an insight of Real Estate Businesses in Turkey, where multiple questions have been answered.

We would like to highlight some of the most relevant questions from the article:

1.What is a typical structure of a real-estate-related business combination?

2. Describe the process by which real-estate-related business combinations are typically initiated, negotiated and completed.

3.What are some of the primary laws regulations governing or implicated in real-estate-related business combinations? Are commercial, residential or agricultural real estate assets subject to specific regulation that would be material in a typical transaction?

4.Are there any specigic regulations relating to cross-border combinations or foreign investors or acquirers that are material to real-estate-related business combinations and related to structures?

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Reproduced with permission from Law Business Research Ltd. Getting the Deal Through: Real Estate M&A 2018, (published in October 2017; contributing editors: Steven L Wilner, Cleary Cottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP) For further information please visit gettingthedealthrough.com

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