China is discussing IP protection with V4 member states

The Visegrad Group successfully held a joint China-V4 intellectual property seminar in the Czech Republic.

The Visegrad Group, or V4, is a multinational organization of four countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia are its member states. V4 was founded primarily to deal with the situation in Eastern Europe after the Soviet Union’s upheaval and to prepare for joining the EU. However, due to the economic gap between Eastern and Western Europe and the differences in policy positions, the countries in the group hope that through this mechanism, they can jointly negotiate on a series of issues, step up and enhance their voice.

At the meeting, He Zhimin, the deputy director of China’s state intellectual property office, introduced the characteristics of Chinese intellectual property system, the condition of the protection of intellectual property rights and increasingly promoting awareness and quality of IP, new developments, international cooperation, etc. Other members of the Chinese delegation introduced intellectual property protection system with the patent administrative law and enforcement practice. They positively responded to the questions from the audience on innovation and intellectual property issues. The seminar helped investor from the V4 member states to get information on the latest situation of the national intellectual property protection in China.

The smooth convening of the meeting further deepened the cooperation between China and the V4 countries and explained how to protect the intellectual property of CEE investors in China.

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