October 24, 2018

Can an immovable property be bought without providing the notary public with a building permit?

The provision of Article 93 of the Slovene Building Act (Gradbeni zakon, GZ) states that notaries are bound by law to verify that a building built on an immovable property has a building permit. But do they?  
May 29, 2018

Parties to the procedure for issuing a building permit under the new Building Act

In the procedure for issuing a building permit, a common question arises about whichthird parties may participate in the procedure as intervening parties. This article brieflydescribes which persons can be parties to the procedure for issuing a building permitunder the new Building Act and under which conditions.
April 10, 2018

Building Permit Process Streamlined

One of the stated objectives of the new Building Act (GZ) was to simplify and accelerate the building permit process. Below we discuss the provisions tasked with doing so.